Secret of tomb

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Brent Chadwick has a rough childhood. He grew up in the shadow of his mother Lucille, who was the founder of the „Church of the untemptables” (COTU). The COTU was a christian-fundamental church in the eighties which preached: “Resist all temptaions, but if you aren’t able to resist, you still have chance to salvation, if you punish yourselves equal to the sin you have done.”So not wonder that he went crazy and after his mother had died he moved to a hidden basement, where you are about to enter now.Because of his persecution mania this weird, spooky place is full of traps. The only way to escape here, is finding the urn of Lucille s ash ,which tells you the number for the exit .If you fail and still here after an hour,Brent arravies home and i would not be in your shoes.Good luck!

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Suitable for every one, but be awere of stroboscope effect.